Sunday, November 18, 2012

ATC Swap

In the month of September I started participating in an ATC Swap which has been organised by the ever efficient Bev Lea from Art Queens!
I am having the best time creating these, as I had not done them before and have fallen in love with making art on the small scale.  The ideas and themes are endless.
The first one was monochromatic.  Any one can join the group.  The more the merrier!
These are mine that I created -

And these are the ones that I have received as the swap -

From Glenda Laing

From Ruth Spitzer


From Maryse Aluis

Thanks Ladies!!!
The next swap was fun too.  We had to create an ATC with a corregated card as the background.  The rest was up to us!
What I created -

The scan isn't the best I'm sorry, but peeking through behind the corregated card was some lovely scrapbook paper that I had.  I used stamps from Teesha Moore - Love those!

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