Monday, June 25, 2012

Trying something new

I have been wanting to learn to crochet for a while now, and have been looking for a place to learn.  All things 'Grannie' are so wonderful.  So when awesome girl Kate mentioned she was doing a class at this little coffee place in Melbourne Street called E is for Ethel (which I have been meaning to get to also!), I knew it was meant to be.
I had an absolute ball and the first thing we learnt was what I was wanting to learn anyway - 'The Grannie Square'.  Now, mine is a bit of a wibbly wobbly square, which I am hoping will improve with practise.  I didn't seem to be able to follow the pattern very well, as I found it a bit confusing (however, I'm sure that is me, not the pattern).  I think I just have to work on my tension.
As you can see I haven't learnt to finish off yet, but I thought I had better stop there or I would end up with a Grannie rug from one square!  So, all those experienced crochet'ers out there, if you have any hints and tips, please feel free to pass them on.  I would love lots of help :0)
I also took some photos of the pendants I have made, but the photos were a bit blurry, so will try again.


  1. OMG when did you go??? I was there Suday evening!!!!

    1. I was there last thurs night! Going again Thurs 12/7. Are you going again? Be great to see you there!