Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Studio glimpse

I love looking at other people's studios, so I thought I would give you a bit of a glimpse as to where I do my creative stuff.
I think I have a bit of my Grandma in me.  When she died they had to sort through drawers full of colour co-ordinated fabric.  This is only a portion of my fabric, but it's all the pretty stuff that inspires me!
This is a great find I found in an op-shop for $20.  It sits between my mixed media desks.  On the right is where I do my scrapping and journals and to the left is my computer set up.  I have yet to paint it, but because I am impatient I had to set it up and use it straight away!!  It holds all the stuff I use regularly and is within easy reach.

Top of cupboard.  I have inserted an IKEA divider and some wooden containers for my pens/textas/pencils etc..

Underneath this is a drawer which holds ink pads, scissors, double sided tape, glue sticks and the like.  I intend to paint it white and I have the most fantastic roll of 70's contact that I want to use to line the drawer.
Finally, a little look at where I make my jewlery (I will be putting some in the shop very shortly).  The drawers are very sentimental to me, as my Papa made these and I remember them in my Father's workshop as a child.  Now they have passed on to me to hold all my treasures.
I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse in to my Art space.

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