Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creative Prompt

Sometimes I get into a bit of an 'Arty' slump.  I find that just doing little things help.  The next 123 Challenge calls for 'Purple' the word 'My' and the use of 'Chevron'.
I have been doing a bit of stamp carving (not very well I might add), but learning!  So I thought to help break that slump I would carve myself a 'Chevron' stamp to use.
Well, as you can see, there are a few little missing bits, but overall it hasn't come up too badly.  Might have to do a bit of creative covering up on the layout I think :0).

The other thing that helps me to start feeling a bit more creative is doing something really, really quickly, but with instant results.

I decorate shipping tags to put in my stash for future use.  It is fun and very quick.  All I do is spray paints and mists onto a perspex sheet and then lay the shipping tag face down to soak up the paint.  This is from a tip I learnt from Dina Wakley.  It comes up with a different pattern every time.  In the first one, I have already started layering using a bit of my hand painted papers. I also might stamp some.  I can then pull them out and continue when I have my next creative slump!

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